Our highly skilled technicians use specialized tools to push or “massage” dents from the interior sides of doors and panels. Because we don’t use any grinding, painting, or putty, your vehicle maintains its original factory finish. Our process is usually much less expensive than a conventional body shop repair/repaint. Door dings usually take about 45 minutes. Larger and more complex dents can take 2-4 hours.
We work with all major insurance companies on hail damage removal. Estimates usually take about 20-30 minutes, and involve determining the number and size of dents on each panel of the vehicle. Once the estimate is approved by the insurance company, Dentmasters technicians remove interior panels to gain access to the back side of the car’s sheet metal. We then push each individual dent, until the whole car is smooth as glass. Our process maintains your vehicle’s factory finish and is the most cost-effective and quickest method of repair, preferred by the auto insurance industry. Most repairs take 1-3 days.
Dentmasters remove dents out of motorcycle gas tanks and fenders. We are first in the Palm Desert and Palm Springs area to offer this service. We service almost all makes and models (including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, Norton, BSA and many more) from the newest Sport bikes and Cruisers to vintage and custom painted motorcycles.
We offer comprehensive plastic welding solutions for deep scratches, cracks and dents caused from general vehicle operation or accidents, especially the “car park” ones. Dent Masters experienced team of body and plastics restoration specialists are here to help private vehicle owners and business owners with a full fleet of cars, trucks or utes. We offer specialist plastic welding services automotive industry and car enthusiast. If you are preparing your car for resale purposes, our team can save you time and money by repairing and refinishing your damaged bumpers or mirrors on your vehicle. Attention to detail and quality and efficient Dent Masters repair systems are our key to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our prime objective is excellence in quality and personal service for all our clients. Discover how our plastic welding services can restore your vehicle to its original finish, adding value and eye appeal.
Dentmasters has been helping dealerships, car rental companies, body shops, and auto auctions keep their cars ding free since 1990. With over 27 years of experience and 100+ accounts, Dentmasters has built an excellent reputation and network of partners in the Palm Desert area. We offer discounted wholesale pricing for high volume accounts. Dentmasters technicians take pride in the quality of their work and reliability of service to our auto industry partners. For more information please contact your local Dentmasters representative. References are available upon request.

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